One of the most important Ornithologically Wetlands of Greece, included in the Ramsar Convention covers an area of ​​250,000 acres. It is a complex network of wetlands created by the rivers Acheloos and Evinos and is dominated by the lagoons of Messolonghi and Aetoliko. There are extensive areas of salt marshes, sand dunes, mudslides and remnants of riparian forests along the main flow of rivers. There are also rocky hills scattered between the lagoons which together with Mount Arakynthos are places of great importance for birds of prey.

  Important area for breeding, transit and wintering aquatic and predators. In the winter months, 40,000-80,000 aquatic animals and 8,000-23,000 inland water are counted in the Park.

290 species of birds have been recorded at different times of the year.

  Three globally endangered species, such as the Pelican (Pelecanus crispus), the Black Vulture (Aeygypius monachus) and the Falcon naumanni, nest or are found in the area.